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CPON65HHTGFixed a discrepancy between field names and field labels in the Domino Directory in the Finnish language template.
DWHR6CNFB6Calendar entry appears on the wrong day due to different CalendarDateTime, StartDate and EndDate fields. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5 and...
AKNX5MZMHYFixed an error received after trying to lookup a large NAB in the teamroom template via the web.
YSAI678A2CWhen re-saving a received mail, the mail is sent automatically. Placed code in the memo form for mail6ex.ntf in QuerySend which will check to see if...
PMOL5B8TX7Fixed a truncation problem when attempting to print or preview a calendar entry. Some of the information on the right side of the document may be...
ESAR67MTWPOn the Desktop & Setup Settings form, modified the input translation on LocAllWebLocation to set to "1" rather than "". This fix prevents the issue...
BMGH6GVH6UChanged the default value for $Pref$USE_ST_IM to "", on the Policy Settings\Desktop Settings form.
BFAG6DJ3KW In the last step of "Create a new Welcome Page", the back button function is now working correctly.
BKAN6E9PATFixed a Type Mismatch error when resolving group names for the Allow list of people to reserve a room.
BFOS6F5LR6Homepage template now contains a link to Admin Help.
MBOK6GVP8HWith this fix, the purge agent will not purge out unprocessed C&S requests that are not in the past yet.
TGOO5HT43KFixed the problem when duplicated text and a doc link were shown in Review Completed memo.
APAI5VCUFYUnable to change entry type after selecting "Reminder" or "Anniversary" when created via "Copy into New Calendar Entry".
LMAN6EMJ4KIn the Policy Settings\Mail Settings form, added onChange event code to LetterHead field and changed the DefaultLogo default value to...
LSHR6FBMUSOn the Server form, in the Internet Protocols\Domino Web Engine tab, changed the default value of HTTP_DomWSAppSpace field to "1".
KBRT6G2SJSThe Rooms and Resources Manager task can now be monitored correctly in the Domino Administrator Client.
KHIA6EYDECRemoved an extra layer of nesting causing a client crash.
XJCN6BP8XQAdded input translations to the LDAPPort, LDAPTimeout and LDAPMaxEntries fields on the Directory Assistance form.
PESA6E9Q5QFixed a problem in ddm.ntf where some corrective action buttons were not visible when substitution keywords in corrective formulas or script could...
MHSU6EGBAKRemoved references to 6.0 in "About DB" doc.
RBEO6H3HUUOn the Server\Configuration Settings form, in the Diagnostics tab, changed the default values for DCNSDSize and DCMsgSize fields.
TGUZ6H9QMWThis fix allows monitoring of the DOMWS convert addin task.
MMII6GX8ESFixed problem where document link information was accidentally hidden in Link Message documents. This regression was introduced in...
MSTR6C8QQDFixed a problem where the Alternate Name of the meeting chair was not displaying in any of the C&S Meeting views.
VDSE6DFKCFAdded more information to the popup for the "Login Name" field to tell the user to enter a hierarchical name into the field.
KHAN6G7RUBThe view selection formula for the ($LDAPCN) view had incorrect logic so that it included many documents that were not intended to be included. This...
SMAI6DJPFHFixed the input validation formula for the DCNSDSize field.
SBRO63GQRKFixed a usability problem in the Delete Reservation dialog.
TDEY6EQR6YField mapping now allows UNID check box to be selected.


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